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KKR’s Infrastructure Franchise

Over the past 15 years, KKR has developed a leading infrastructure franchise that benefits from global exposure as well as expertise across multiple sectors and strategies, currently managing over $50 billion in AUM.



in infrastructure assets under management1



years of infrastructure investing



dedicated infrastructure executives

As of December 31, 2023.
Figures represent AUM across all KKR infrastructure strategies as reported by KKR & Co. Inc. (NYSE: KKR) as a public company. Infrastructure AUM includes Global Infrastructure Investors II, Global Infrastructure Investors III, Global Infrastructure Investors IV, Asia Pacific Infrastructure Investors, Asia Pacific Infrastructure Investors II, the Diversified Core Infrastructure Fund, Separately Managed Accounts and other co-investment vehicles and other structured vehicles & products.

Access to Substantial Global Resources

Access to Substantial Global Resources

As of September 30, 2022. KKR Capstone is an affiliate of KKR. There is no guarantee that KKR will employ the same techniques with any future investment strategy. Note: Participation of KKR Private Equity, KKR Capital Markets, and KKR Capstone personnel in the public markets investment process is subject to applicable law and inside information barrier policies and procedures, which may limit the involvement of such personnel in certain circumstances and KKR’s ability to leverage such integration with KKR. Discussions with Senior Advisors and employees of the Firm’s managed portfolio companies are also subject to the inside information barrier policies and procedures, which may restrict or limit discussions and/or collaborations with KKR. References to “Senior Advisors” and “Industry Advisors” are to individuals who are engaged, as consultants, to assist KKR with sourcing or developing investment ideas and a variety of other matters. These individuals are not employees of KKR. The portion of the compensation paid to Senior Advisors and Industry Advisers that is related to fund activities, such as sourcing investments or monitoring portfolio companies, may be borne by the relevant funds. References to “KKR Advisors” are to individuals who were formerly employees of KKR and are engaged as consultants for KKR. None of the compensation of KKR Advisors is borne by the funds. References to “KKR Capstone” or “Capstone” are to all or any of KKR Capstone Americas LLC, KKR Capstone EMEA LLP, KKR Capstone EMEA (International) LLP, KKR Capstone Asia Limited and their Capstone-branded subsidiaries, which employ operating professionals dedicated to supporting KKR deal teams and portfolio companies. KKR acquired KKR Capstone effective January 1, 2020. References to operating executives, operating experts, or operating consultants are to such employees of KKR Capstone.

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